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What is Graphene?

'World's First' : Made From Graphene, Dubbed Planet's Strongest Material- Forbes June 20, 2018

Graphene is an ultrathin carbonic particle made through proprietary manufacturing processes. 


If you are seeking performance enhancements, light-weighting, or an array of additional targets, Graphene, often referred to as the "wonder material" may be an option. Our company is a pioneer & market leader in the design & qualification of graphene. We evaluate, test, distribute, market and sell.

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What is in the name INDEPENDENCE? It is represents FREEDOM, LIBERATION and SUSTAINABILITY. These are the very principles behind the launch of Electric Vehicles Unlimited game changing FREEDOM CARRIAGE, called the INDEPENDENCE.

"There is no equivalent vehicle in the marketplace" states EVU founder Michael Clevenger, Vietnam Vet and DAV. The "INDY" is not simply an asset, but a life sustainability catalyst. EVU captures the essence of a lifestyle changing FREEDOM transportation asset, uniquely designed ergonomics and groundbreaking safety enhancements.

The Independence conforms to all of the DOT and NHSTA safety specifications pertaining to Neighborhood Electric Vehicles (NEVs). Head lights, tail lights, signal lights, brake lights, a horn, a DOT approved safety glass windshield, windshield wipers and safety belts, are included in the extensive list of standard equipment.

Patent pending technology includes: side impact protection, vehicle speeds programmed for a specific market or user, and the Independence rear entry method of boarding and exiting. There are no ramps. Interested?

The design enhancements are leading edge and designed to meet the exact needs of its user. " I have been involved with automotive technology, focused on the adaptability of previously unmet needs for persons of physical impairment for over twenty years, and this project checks all the boxes" says PJ Abbott, former Marine Officer, former IndyCar/NASCAR driver, and himself a military classified DAV.

First test drives:



Our patented, life changing technology will change the lives of millions around the globe. EVU has developed the first platform suitable for wheel chair use. This alone will offer INDEPENDENCE to millions, providing a platform NEVER seen previous to this technology. Add in our most recent partnership with one of the country’s most advance electronics firm and we can now offer Para/Quadriplegic citizens something never thought possible, the accomplishment of an actual private operator driver’s license, and FREEDOM! Our program and asset is appropriately called the “INDY” for Independence.


Most importantly in working with spinal cord injury individuals since 1999, is our awareness that although freedom may seem to be an exciting concept for us; it can be a fear for those who have been dependent for so many years. In addition to the technology and service platform, we have developed a mental health and adjustment program to accompany the fears and challenges of potential users. 2016 Business Performance and Behavioral Scientist of the year, and best selling author Dr. Hank Seitz, leads this effort.

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Independence Project: Patent issued December 2, 2017

Inflatable Flood Barrier Protection known as the Inflatable Barrier & Containment System or IBCS.

Check out our Inflatable "sandless" barrier protection bags. They are not sand bags, but an Inflatable Barrier Containment System, replacing the entire need and hazards of the traditional sandbag:

This is a program originally launched in 2011-2013 and redesigned for diversified uses in 2016.  

These have been qualified, tested and approved for use with FEMA and the American Red Cross Response Teams, and are available to you, as a consumer.


Thank you for the questions, and yes here are a few of the test drive videos:

First "test drive" video:


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