NEO Parts Group


NEO Premium Painted Parts

NEO is a primary marketer, promoter and distributor of ready to install, painted auto body  parts. We work with the industry’s leading manufacturers and dealers to  obtain the most competitive prices for our customers, while maintaining  excellent, quality standards. Our company aims at providing affordable  quality products with exceptional customer service.  We offer our clients a massive  savings, convenience and include FREE standard shipping.  No matter the size, we consider you top priority!


Customer Service, Convenience & Savings


NEO offers ready to install, brand new car parts and  painting services to fulfill our client needs. The DYI industry is exploding and many clients embrace the opportunity to save TIME & MONEY!  During a time when most painted automotive parts retailers required  customers to call in to request a price quote, at NEO, we intend to make their prices visible on our website. Whether you're a  professional mechanic or novice car owner, we believe in offering a fair  value to all.


Quality & Satifaction is OUR #1 GOAL

100% of our painted car parts must pass our quality control &  inspection team before getting shipped out to you, our customers - thus,  ensuring only high-quality car parts leave our facility. Developed from processing maps used by companies such as:  DuPont, PPG, BASF and bred from the precision racing experiences of our owner, we strive to meet the highest quality standards. We believe our  products are a direct representation of our company, and we will  continue to deliver the quality we promise to uphold.